TomTom XL Update

TomTom XL Update is UK Toll Free Helpline for the customers who are looking for TomTom XL Update. At early times, updating and then selling the maps have been a good source of income for most of the top tier GPS companies. But as the time passed by, many companies started providing the products at an affordable price tag. And TomTom is one of them. It is now offering free map and traffic updates on most of its product line. XL and XXL units starting at $199 are now available with this feature. Hopefully TomTom  will continue providing this feature on down-market, outing new, lower-priced models with the same lifetime trend. TomTom Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates are now available in North America. Lifetime features deliver the Most Up-To-Date maps which help drivers steer Clear of Traffic.

TomTom is one of the world’s leading provider of navigation and location solutions. TomTom has already announced the availability of a wide range of TomTom devices. These Tomtom devices offers Lifetime Map Updates and Lifetime Traffic Updates absolutely free of cost. These new features help users with the accuracy of TomTom’s most up-to-date maps. And also with the real-time traffic information that helps them in avoiding traffic delays and other hassles on the road. At no extra cost, customers will receive these updates lifetime for free on their device.

“The nation’s roads are developing and changing in a fast pace every day, so TomTom is very proud to offer Lifetime Map Updates on our portable navigation devices”, was said by Tom Murray, vice president of market development for TomTom. This feature, relating with TomTom’s Lifetime Traffic Updates, offers their customers the assurance that they will always be provided with the industry’s most accurate maps and the real-time traffic information they require for hassle-free navigation.”

Lifetime Map Updates

After every few months, TomTom’s Lifetime Map Update feature allow users to keep their maps fresh by downloading the industry’s most accurate and up-to-date maps. The maps also include one million more miles in comparison to competing maps and in certified tests, it is rated highest in terms of quality and reliability. The road network changes approximately 18 percent annually, so they are continually refreshing their maps to include improvements across the entire road network and updates to Points of Interest.

Lifetime Traffic Updates

TomTom’s ‘Lifetime Traffic Updates’ feature offers real-time insight into traffic events which help drivers to avoid delays. The TomTom device receives the latest traffic information after every three minutes, recalculates total drive time and also suggests more efficient alternate routes if they are available.

All TomTom products featuring Lifetime Updates also include TomTom’s proprietary IQ Route technology and TomTom MapShare. IQ Routes offers the most efficient routing for any time and any day of week. This feature, combined with the real-time traffic information via Lifetime Traffic Updates, ensures the best possible routing. Map Share provides the facility to users to make map improvements on their device and share these improvements with the TomTom community.

Availability and Price

TomTom devices from the TomTom XL and TomTom XXL product lines are available from past few years with Lifetime Map Updates, Lifetime Traffic Updates or a combination of these features. For more information about TomTom XL and TomTom XXL devices, visit the official website of TomTom

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