TomTom Update Problems

TomTom Update Problems UK Toll Free Helpline is aimed to provide hassle free service for TomTom Update device. TomTom provides excellent products to its customers such as navigation systems, sports watches, action cameras etc. Not only its products are good in quality but is also good in providing regular updates to its devices after every three months.

The update to its devices are very beneficial in giving the maps in TomTom navigation systems, new features and a fresh new look. Updates are also necessary as there may be changes on routes due to development of new roads and change in traffic. But what happens if we are spending our hard earned money to update our TomTom devices and face certain issues while updating or the update fails in between.


Common Isuues While Update TomTom Navigation Device

Let’s discuss some of the issues which users have reported while updating their TomTom device. If these TomTom Update Problems come in your TomTom devices then you can call to TomTom Update Problems UK Toll Free Helpline +44 8000418554

  • When the TomTom device is connected to the PC with TomTom Home or My Drive Connect already installed on the PC. It starts downloading and updating the device and then never finishes. The update does not progress further and is freezed in between.
  • Another problem is also of similar type in which it shows the downloading progress as 22% then 26% and then again back to 22% and so on. At last, the file may be download or may not download, it completely depends on luck.
  • In another case, it shows that the update is being downloaded but actually the file is not downloaded from their server.
  • Next problem is that it shows the wrong time required to download the update. Suppose, at early stage it shows that it will take 6 hours to download the update, when the update is completed till 25% it shows that it will take 1 hour 30 minutes more to complete. In this whole process the network is same and having constant speed.

Antivirus and Firewall installed on your PC may also interrupt the download in few cases

How to overcome the update issues?

If you are facing various issues while updating your TomTom device, then you may try the following measures:

  • Check that you are using the latest version of TomTom Home or My Drive Connect.
  • Check your navigation device is connected to My Drive Connect or TomTom Home.
  • Use stable internet connection.
  • Check that My Drive Connect or TomTom home is allowed to access the internet by security software.
  • If somehow update fails in between, try downloading the update again.
  • If all above steps does not work, you may try downloading the updates on a different computer.

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