A brief History of TomTom

TomTom Map Support Helpline +44 8000418554 is aimed to provide best service in the industry. TomTom is a dutch company which was originally founded in 1991. From 1996 onwards, it started developing applications such as meter reading and barcode reading. Thereafter, it’s complete focus was on mapping softwares such as EnRoute, Citymaps and Routeplanner.

About TomTom

TomTom is one of the leading independent company which is specialist in shaping mobility with high accuracy maps, real time traffic information, navigation software and various other services. The main vision of TomTom is to provide a safer world which is free of congestion and emissions in order to keep this world moving in a fast pace. It has a vast experience and best in class technology.

Now, the main moto of this company is to power connected vehicles, smart mobility and at last autonomous driving. For further details you can visit the official website of  TomTom www.tomtom.com.

Features of TomTom Map

TomTom map provides very high quality location content and services. The map is provided in 169 countries and territories which covers more than 51 million km of roads globally. You can view the map in 2D as well as in 3D. It shows almost everything such as landmarks, cities and outdoor sightings. After every three months an update is pushed to TomTom Map to introduce new features and to maintain the freshness of it.

How does the TomTom map works?

The working of TomTom map is based on Tele Atlas based maps. If there is any map error it can be reported using Tele Atlas map insight and the TomTom Map Share reporter tool. These reports are then processed and approved/selected by TomTom staff members. And if there are any changes in the map they can be reflected through various TomTom applications such as TomTom Home, MyDrive Connect etc. These applications are available mainly on Windows and Mac OS based computers.


Maps are not compatible on all of the TomTom devices. Rather most of the maps are available for only modern devices. Therefore to use a TomTom map on a device, a compatible version of the map must be used. The map version usually has a three digit number, a dot and then a four digit build number. The first three digit number is the major version number while the four digit build number varies according to different regions. The same map version may have different features for different regions and this can be managed by the build number.

TomTom Map Devices

The devices on which TomTom map works can be categorized into following categories such as NAV2, NAV3 and NAV4 devices. The TomTom support applications such as TomTom HOME works on NAV2 devices whereas another application MyDrive Connect works on NAV3 and NAV4 devices. A person using NAV2 device has to purchase the map via TomTom HOME support whereas the one using NAV3 and NAV4 devices has to obtain updates from TomTom webshop.

Use of TomTom Map

TomTom Map really shines in the real-time traffic department. In the UK, the system tracks every iPhone and Vodafone customer that has their GPS settings enabled, and updates its traffic system based on movement after every 60 seconds. Due to this, you’re constantly provided with the quickest routes available, letting you to avoid traffic jams and road works very easily. The interface offers a lot of information, which includes your speed, the road’s speed limit, speed camera locations, and the likelihood of unavoidable delays. 

If you want, you can also plan routes before you get in the car using the MyDrive website, which can then be shared with both the mobile app and the full sat nav system. One of the key point to be noticed is that TomTom Map is a premium service. When you sign up, you’re allocated 50 free miles in order to have some experience of TomTom Map.

The updates to TomTom Map are usually delivered after every three months. These maps use signals received from the satellites to find the flow of traffic on the roads. On TomTom Map, a rise in traffic has been seen upto 80 million mobile phones. Thus, TomTom can exactly know in which direction and at what speed all these TomTom Map users are moving on the road. If this number becomes higher in a particular area, then this could result into traffic jam. This real time data is then combined with other traffic information sources which results in more accurate and reliable traffic information.

Building Trust on TomTom Map

With more than 25 years of experience in map making and releasing frequent updates of TomTom Map after every three months, you can trust on TomTom Map that you will always get the latest content and the features which are necessary. TomTom Maps are ISO certified and designed in such a way that it can meet the requirement of various users which helps them in autonomous driving.

With detailed information about road network, accurate addresses and speed limits, TomTom Map can be the ideal partner for you. TomTom Map’s optimized routing, geocoding, smart navigation and optional logistics dataset, you can be assured that your heavy trucks and restricted vehicles are always on the right track.

From creating one of the first digital map, TomTom Map now has a large community which helps it in developing road DNA and the technology which helps in autonomous driving.

Comparing TomTom Map with other Map Services

When we compare TomTom Map with other map services, TomTom Map seems to be a little bit overpriced. It is due to the fact that Google Map is providing same services free of cost while TomTom Map is a premium service. TomTom Map’s competitors like Garmin, Kia are also providing same services at an effective price. A good example is, geocoding your photos is a lot easier to do with data extracted from Garmin devices than any other. On the other hand some gps services like Waze are also free to use. But still there are some benefits which are provided only by TomTom Map and other gps service providers fail to do so. However, it completely depends on user’s likings that which map service is convenient for him to use.

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