TomTom GPS Update and Working

Dutch brand TomTom is one of the colonist in navigation and traffic information systems. The TomTom GPS is indeed an essential accessory to aid you in your driving and your journeys and is widely used in the market. Now, discover the advanced features of the products marketed by TomTom and learn how can you easily update your systems.

TomTom GPS Overview

History of the brand

TomTom’s history began in 1991 when it created the software for Pocket PCs. The first portable navigation assistant was dedicated to the general public, then TomTom launched TomTom Go in 2004. The success is such that in 2007 the brand’s devices were used in 16 countries by more than 200,000 customers. TomTom is today the European market leader for portable navigation systems.

The TomTom GPS range

TomTom offers a wide range of models to meet all the requirements of their users. Without any delay, discover the different ranges designed to assist you in your daily driving.


TomTom offers you fast and innovative products so that you can relax while driving. Take advantage of connected GPS and receive real-time traffic information in order to secure all your trips.

GPS Motorbike

The TomTom Rider collection is much suitable for use on motorbikes. It also allows you to fully customize the routes by selecting, for example, the amplitude of the turns or the altitude difference. Experience a whole new way to drive on the road with connected TomTom devices.

GPS Scooter

TomTom Vio is one of the latest innovations of the brand. Designed for scooters, you can control it from your smartphone. This is a second connected screen which helps you to navigate more easily, while promoting your safety on two wheels.

Camper's Navigation

The Go Camper guides you through routes specially designed to your vehicle’s size, to your destination. So enjoy the road and landscapes abroad your camper and let your TomTom GPS bring you to your destination.

GPS For Large Vehicles

This range is mainly focussed at buses, trucks and vans for personal and professional use.  Large Vehicle GPS units allows you to plan your trip and take routes that are adapted to the size of your vehicle.  Also discover along the way for the selected points of interest for buses and trucks.

Sport Collection

Finally, TomTom offers a Sport range to breakthrough your performance. GPS watches provides you the facility to follow your evolution in real time, thanks to the integrated GPS. With the latest generation watches, it shows your speed, your pace and the distance you have covered.

TomTom Road Trips

TomTom GPS’s Road Trips feature helps you in customizing your driving experience. You can enjoy a fully customized trip and discover incredible roads. Combine business with pleasure by planning your trips according to various criteria. Road Trips offers you not only historical trails but also remarkable coastal roads and the most beautiful mountain paths. Your journey starts as soon as you enter your vehicle!

The latest innovations

For an optimized driving experienceTomTom GPS units is integrated with advanced features:

  • Live Services: Take the fastest route with TomTom Traffic and drive with confidence along with radar alerts.
  • Danger Alerts: Then enjoy safe driving, thanks to the danger zones and risk zones indicate in real time by the community.
  • Navigation Voice: You can customize your TomTom GPS by choosing from an extensive voice library.
  • TomTom Go App: Install the navigation application for your smartphone in order to enjoy all the latest TomTom GPS options on your mobile.
  • TomTom Adventures: Discover the best trails around you so that you may plan your next hike or run.

TomTom Curfer: Download the application and install the CURFER adapter in the passenger compartment. Improve your driving experience with accurate vehicle data and real-time information.

TomTom's flagship GPS models

Now discover the iconic products among TomTom GPS and according to your needs and budget, make your choice.

  • TomTom Smart 42 GPS: This model offers you the necessary features of a navigation system which is an Ideal solution for small budgets. The Smart 42 comes with preloaded with a lifetime mapping. It also indicates danger zones and aids you during outings or intersections with advanced guidance.
  • TomTom Go 5200 GPS: This GPS combines all the latest innovative features for smooth driving. The Go 5200 systemis much fast and connected, it even has an integrated SIM card to facilitate updates after regular intervals. TomTom Go connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to take hands-free calls or listen to your text messages, while staying attentive on the road. From the MyDrive application, you may also plan and prepare your routes with the help of your mobile phone.

The TomTom GPS Update Guide

Updating your TomTom GPS: what is it for?

Using a Tomtom GPS is a practical solution to move quickly and easily without wasting any of your time. However, to get the most out of this technology, it is necessary to have an up-to-date system. Road networks are constantly changing, and your maps can very quickly become obsolete. Updates to your TomTom GPS allows you to have access to updated mapping, corresponding to the changes in roads. By having an up-to-date GPS you can know exactly where the new radars are located and what are the new speed limits.

How to update the TomTom GPS?

TomTom offers new cards in the form of updates every quarter. To take advantage of this, it is essential to install MyDrive Connect or TomTom Home software on your personal computer and then connect to your GPS. To successfully update, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your computer to start the GPS.
  2. Your software usually opens automatically. If not, click on the icon.
  3. Check now for the latest updates available.
  4. At last, select the card to install or update.

Prices for TomTom GPS map updates

The TomTom map shop offers you various formulas to update your cartography. Price varies depending on the selected areas and additional options. You can opt for:

  • A single card downloads: you get the latest version in effect.
  • A one-year subscription to update service: you can have benefit from the latest map and 4 updates.
  • A one-and-a-half-year subscription to the update service: you receive the latest version of map and can update it up to 6 times.

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